Apathy - Where The River Meets The Sea VINYL 2LP

Image of Apathy - Where The River Meets The Sea VINYL 2LP


LIMITED VINYL - Includes FREE Digital Download card for the full album.

Featuring Styles P, Lil Fame, Snak The Ripper, Chris Webby, Pep Love, Tajai (of Souls of Mischief), ANoyd, Hayze, plus vocalists Brevi and Bennett.

Production by Apathy, Stu Bangas & Teddy Roxpin

The trials and tribulations of real life tends to bring out the best in artists. Hearing the maturation of emcees in real time brings us closer to their experience, and reminds us of ours. Apathy is no exception to this rule. After losing his father to cancer, becoming a father of two, and dealing with life’s ills, he proves to be a skilled navigator on the river of life. Apathy's 7th studio album, "Where The River Meets The Sea", is not only a geographical nod to his origins, but also a metaphor for the long winding journey through life which ultimately leads to the cosmic sea of eternity. No stranger to hip hop aesthetics however, Ap can’t resist flexing his lyrical ability on braggadocio laden tracks, ensuring he delivers an album for his fans across the board.


A1. Headwater
A2. Where The River Meets The Sea (feat. Bennett)
A3. The Ocean
A4. Jonathan Livingston Seagull (feat. Brevi)
B1. We Don't Fuck Around
B2. P.S.E. (feat. Styles P & Lil Fame)
B3. Underwater (feat. ANoyd, Chris Webby & Brevi)
C1. River Of Light
C2. Force Fields (feat. Pep Love & Tajai)
C3. A Rainy Day In Connecticut
C4. Mermaid Music
D1. Dream Sequence (feat. Snak The Ripper & Bennett)
D2. Remember The Night (feat. Hayze)
D3. The Mouth