Celph Titled & Buckwild - Nineteen Ninety More 2CD


(Released 2011) Following up last year's best-selling and critically acclaimed release; "Nineteen Ninety Now", comes an additional bonus set from the MC/producer duo of Celph Titled & Buckwild. Aptly titled "Nineteen Ninety MORE", this jam-packed double disc serves as a companion title to the well received "Ninety Now." Due to popular demand and fan interest, this release features 4 unreleased songs from the original sessions which include guest appearances from Cella Dwellas, Outerspace (AOTP), Laws (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League), Kwest (formerly Kwest Tha Madd Lad) and Lord Digga (Bluez Brothers/Masta Ace Inc). Also included are the 3 previously vinyl-only cuts "The Celph Titled Show", "Nothin' To Say (feat. Rise)" and "There Will Be Blood [Remix] (feat. DITC and Brand Nubian)". In addition, all the instrumentals for these songs are gathered here, along with a 2nd disc that contains the entire instrumental version of the original "Ninety Now" album (including all interlude tracks and 4 bonus beats). This specially priced 2xCD is the perfect addendum for anyone who owns "Ninety Now" and is an essential piece for any Buckwild/DITC production enthusiast.



01. While You Slept (feat. Laws)
02. Good Hell Hunting (feat. Outerspace)
03. Rapid Fire (feat. Cella Dwellas)
04. Get Stupid (feat. Lord Digga & Kwest)
05. The Celph Titled Show
06. Nothin' To Say (feat. Rise)
07. There Will Be Blood [Remix] (feat. Sadat X, Grand Puba, AG, OC & Diamond D)
08. Buck's Four Course Meal
09. While You Slept [Instrumental]
10. Good Hell Hunting [Instrumental]
11. Rapid Fire [Instrumental]
12. Get Stupid [Instrumental]
13. The Celph Titled Show [Instrumental]
14. Nothin' To Say [Instrumental]
15. There Will Be Blood [Remix Instrumental]


01. The Deal Maker [Instrumental]
02. Out To Lunch [Instrumental]
03. Eraserheads [Instrumental]
04. F-ckmaster Sex [Instrumental]
05. Interlude 1 [Instrumental]
06. Swashbuckling [Instrumental]
07. Interlude 2 [Instrumental]
08. I Could Write A Rhyme [Instrumental]
09. Hardcore Data [Instrumental]
10. Mad Ammo [Instrumental]
11. Interlude 3 [Instrumental]
12. Tingin' [Instrumental]
13. There Will Be Blood [Instrumental]
14. Miss Those Days [Instrumental]
15. Step Correctly [Instrumental]
16. Interlude 4 [Instrumental]
17. Wack Juice [Instrumental]
18. Interlude 5 [Instrumental]
19. Styles Ain't Raw [Instrumental]
20. Interlude 6 [Instrumental]
21. Where I Are [Instrumental]
22. Time Travels On [Instrumental]
23. Bonus Beat 1 [Instrumental]
24. Bonus Beat 2 [Instrumental]
25. Bonus Beat 3 [Instrumental]
26. Bonus Beat 4 [Instrumental]