[Digital Download] Apathy & Celph Titled - No Place Like Chrome (Deluxe Edition) - DGZ-011


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** SPECIAL DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION: Includes full instrumentals for the entire album! **

(Released 2007) The two frontmen of the Demigodz combine forces to whip up a collaborative album project, bringing the hilarious punchlines and speaker-knocking production they've been known for. This 11 track album features mostly production from Apathy & Celph Titled, but underground mainstays J-Zone, J.J. Brown & Tzarizm bring their expertise to the table as well.


01. Naturally Nasty
02. Sound of the Clap
03. 88 Mindstate
04. Fix Your Face
05. S.M.D.
06. Maybe
07. Bad Attitudes (feat. One Two)
08. Donkey Ass (feat. Majik Most)
09. Nut Reception (feat. J-Zone)
10. Save the Day
11. Drinks Specials (feat. Tzarizm, Phil the Agony & Rugged)
12. Naturally Nasty [Instrumental]
13. Sound of the Clap [Instrumental]
14. 88 Mindstate [Instrumental]
15. Fix Your Face [Instrumental]
16. S.M.D. [Instrumental]
17. Maybe [Instrumental]
18. Bad Attitudes [Instrumental]
19. Donkey Ass [Instrumental]
20. Nut Reception [Instrumental]
21. Save the Day [Instrumental]
22. Drinks Specials [Instrumental]