War-Mart T-Shirt - Black Tee


More ill designs from the mind of Celph Titled exclusively for his Mad Ammo™ T-shirt line. Consider yourself an official employee of WAR-MART when you rock this shirt. You disrespect, we stay laying 'em down. Always.

• Front: Celph Titled's "War-Mart" Design
• Back: "Mad Ammo" Logo + Firearm Schematics (white)
• Available in size M only (all other sizes out of stock)
• High quality Gildan Heavy Cotton shirts
• PLEASE NOTE: The words within the Firearm Schematics design on the back of the actual shirt will not be as readable, as we blew this image up from a smaller art file thus distorting the lettering. Artistically, we wanted the print to be very large on the back of the shirt and take up most of the area. The design looks great though, so no need to worry. However, if you were expecting to follow the instructions on the back so you could build your own assault rifle, we'd suggest utilizing a different method and/or rifle assembly manual.