Celph Titled - The Gatalog 4CD


(Released in 2006) Celph Titled is one of underground Hip Hop's legendary kings - A leader of the highly respected Demigodz conglomerate, a forefront member of Jedi Mind Tricks' Army of the Pharaohs crew and an official part of Mike Shinoda's Fort Minor family. This impressive limited edition quadruple disc (4xCD) set is history in the making as Celph Titled hits you with a full 75 total songs, all compiled from original studio masters and beautifully remastered in the highest digital quality. This compilation includes all of Celph's classic 12" underground joints and guest appearances (many of which have never before been released in CD format) as well as twelve previously unreleased songs. High-profile artist collaborations, "A" list producers, trunk rattling beats and insanely raw lyricism all find their home in this collection. Never before has a CD set been so impressive, including tracks spanning a career from its early beginnings in 1998 to its present day reign. Loyal fans across the world have been demanding a CD release from Celph Titled like this for years. "The Gatalog" will mark one of the most exciting and collectable releases in the underground with its monstrous track listing and unique quad-disc packaging.

01. Primo's Four Course Meal
02. Playin' With Fire (feat. Styles of Beyond & Apathy)
03. Spoiled Rotten (feat. J-Zone)
04. Way of the Gun (feat. Esoteric, Lord Digga & Apathy)
05. Diablos (feat. Louis Logic)
06. So Cold (feat. Oktober)
07. All About Drama (feat. Big Scoob, Sleepy Eyes & Ali Vegas)
08. Clap feat. (Cashmere the PRO & Oktober)
09. Never The Least
10. Guerilla Orchestra (feat. Tino Vega & Apathy)
11. The Battle [Extended Mix]
12. Revaporate (feat. Dutchmassive & Majik Most)
13. Down & Dirty About My Scratch
14. Who's Fucking Around [Remix] (feat. K-Skills)
15. Rock [Remix] (feat. Louis Logic, Lexicon, J-Zone & Ryu)
16. Fahrenheit 813 (feat. Dutchmassive & Majik Most)
17. The Countdown Theory (feat. Walkmen)
18. Hold Something (feat. Dutchmassive)

01. Turntable Science (feat. DJ Skully)
02. Yell At Us (feat. Apathy & Esoteric)
03. Right Now
04. All Out War (feat. Lyrical Commission)
05. Eatadiccup (feat. J-Zone)
06. Just A Feelin' (feat. Majik Most)
07. Without Warning (feat. the1shanti)
08. Devastating MC's (feat. Esoteric & Apathy)
09. S.C.O.M. (feat. Ryu, Juelz Santana & Mike Shinoda)
10. Represent (feat. Apathy & Motive)
11. The Final Word (feat. L-Fudge)
12. 7L Freestyle (feat. Big Scoob & Terra)
13. Extra Thug Sauce [J-Zone Remix] (feat. Guttamouf & Majik Most)
14. 616 Rewind (feat. Tonedeff, Deacon the Villain, Sankofa, Kno & Kashal Tee)
15. Tropic States (feat. Tino Vega, RK, Murdock, Vocab, Dutchmassive & Primetyme)
16. Inaudible
17. Fallout (feat. Walkmen & Dutchmassive)
18. Critical Conditions [12" Mix] (feat. Vex of the Boogiemonsters & Dutchmassive)
19. Do That (feat. Dutchmassive)

01. Blao! (feat. Fabolous, Hot Karl & Redman)
02. Me & My Friends (feat. Apathy & One Two)
03. Stuck Up [Stick 'Em Remix] (feat. Majik Most & Eternia)
04. F-L-A Team (feat. Murdock & Tino Vega)
05. Demigodz Clap (feat. Apathy, Ryu, Motive, Tak & Esoteric)
06. Extra Thug Sauce (feat. Guttamouf & Majik Most)
07. The Revolution (feat. Outerspace)
08. Open The Mic (feat. Jay Love, Louis Logic, J-Zone & J.J. Brown)
09. Panic (feat. RichBums)
10. Who What When Where (feat. Majik Most)
11. TampaHipHop.Com Freestyle
12. Pit of the Flame (feat. Dutchmassive & Majik Most)
13. All Night (feat. Apathy & Tak)
14. Mother Molesters Freestyle (feat. Apathy & Majik Most)
15. It Ain't
16. DJ Unknown & Mekalek Freestyle (feat. J-Zone, Al-Shid & Rok One)
17. Forever (feat. Kimani of the Masterminds, L-Fudge, Mr. Rictor & Mr. Complex)
18. Windows 98 (feat. Majik Most)
19. Phantasmagoria (feat. Araknophobix, Dutchmassive, Maleko & Raj)

01. Floss Filthy (feat. Big Scoob)
02. Political Gangstas (feat. Apathy)
03. Baldwin Brothers (feat. Majik Most)
04. Murder Death Kill (feat. Esoteric)
05. Can't Leave Rap Alone (feat. Apathy & Ryu)
06. Big Dummy (feat. Mareko)
07. Who's Fucking Around (feat. K-Skills)
08. Silence & I (feat. Vinnie Paz & King Syze)
09. Cover & Duck (feat. Styles of Beyond & Mike Shinoda)
10. Skrilla Guerilla Freestyle
11. Shhhh! (feat. Apathy)
12. You Ain't Seen It Comin' (feat. Highcollide & Paradox)
13. Mother Molesters Freestyle [MILF Mix] (feat. Apathy & Majik Most)
14. All Out War [Prowla Remix] (feat. Lyrical Commission)
15. Real Villains (feat. Guttamouf, Lord Digga & Majik Most)
16. Yell At Us [Devastator Remix] (feat. Apathy & Esoteric)
17. Tampa International [Remix] (feat. Funkghost, I-Man & Phobi-One)
18. The Countdown Theory [Remix] (feat. Walkmen)
19. Critical Conditions [Original Mix] (feat. Vex, Dutchmassive & Majik Most)