[Digital Download] Celph Titled - The Gatalog (Instrumentals) - DGZ-017


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(Released 2006)


01. Primo's Four Course Meal [Instrumental]
02. Playin' With Fire [Instrumental]
03. Spoiled Rotten [Instrumental]
04. Way of the Gun [Instrumental]
05. Diablos [Instrumental]
06. So Cold [Instrumental]
07. All About Drama [Instrumental]
08. Clap [Instrumental]
09. Never The Least [Instrumental]
10. Guerilla Orchestra [Instrumental]
11. The Battle (Extended Mix) [Instrumental]
12. Revaporate [Instrumental]
13. Down & Dirty About My Scratch [Instrumental]
14. Who's Fucking Around (Remix) [Instrumental]
15. Rock (Remix) [Instrumental]
16. Fahrenheit 813 [Instrumental]
17. The Countdown Theory [Instrumental]
18. Hold Something [Instrumental]

01. Turntable Science [Instrumental]
02. Yell At Us [Instrumental]
03. Right Now [Instrumental]
04. All Out War [Instrumental]
05. Eatadiccup [Instrumental]
06. Just A Feelin' [Instrumental]
07. Without Warning [Instrumental]
08. Devastating MC's [Instrumental]
09. S.C.O.M. [Instrumental]
10. Represent [Instrumental]
11. The Final Word [Instrumental]
12. 7L Freestyle [Instrumental]
13. Extra Thug Sauce (J-Zone Remix) [Instrumental]
14. 616 Rewind [Instrumental]
15. Tropic States [Instrumental]
16. Inaudible [Instrumental]
17. Fallout [Instrumental]
18. Critical Conditions (12" Mix) [Instrumental]
19. Do That [Instrumental]

01. Blao! [Instrumental]
02. Me & My Friends [Instrumental]
03. Stuck Up (Stick 'Em Remix) [Instrumental]
04. F-L-A Team [Instrumental]
05. Demigodz Clap [Instrumental]
06. Extra Thug Sauce [Instrumental]
07. The Revolution [Instrumental]
08. Open The Mic [Instrumental]
09. Panic [Instrumental]
10. Who What When Where [Instrumental]
11. TampaHipHop.Com Freestyle [Instrumental]
12. Pit of the Flame [Instrumental]
13. All Night [Instrumental]
14. Mother Molesters Freestyle [Instrumental]
15. It Ain't [Instrumental]
16. Forever [Instrumental]
17. Windows 98 [Instrumental]
18. Phantasmagoria [Instrumental]

01. Floss Filthy [Instrumental]
02. Political Gangstas [Instrumental]
03. Baldwin Brothers [Instrumental]
04. Murder Death Kill [Instrumental]
05. Can't Leave Rap Alone [Instrumental]
06. Big Dummy [Instrumental]
07. Who's Fucking Around [Instrumental]
08. Silence & I [Instrumental]
09. Cover & Duck [Instrumental]
10. Skrilla Guerilla Freestyle [Instrumental]
11. Shhhh! [Instrumental]
12. You Ain't Seen It Comin' [Instrumental]
13. Mother Molesters Freestyle (MILF Mix) [Instrumental]
14. All Out War (Prowla Remix) [Instrumental]
15. Real Villains [Instrumental]
16. Yell At Us (Devastator Remix) [Instrumental]
17. Tampa International (Remix) [Instrumental]
18. The Countdown Theory (Remix) [Instrumental]
19. Critical Conditions (Original Mix) [Instrumental]