[Digital Download] Majik Most - Molesting Hip Hop (Deluxe Edition) - DGZ-026

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** SPECIAL DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION: Includes full instrumentals for the entire album! **

(Released 2005) Creative powerhouse, long time Demigodz affiliate, and Equilibrium group member, Majik Most slams back hard on the scene with his incredible first full length album/mixtape "Molesting Hip Hop". The project features beats and rhymes from Celph Titled, Apathy, J-Zone, Louis Logic, Lord Digga, J.J. Brown, Eternia, Jade Foxx, Get Large and many more. Jam packed with certified bangers, hilarious concepts, and insane skits, this instant classic is no doubt one of the most solid underground releases to hit the scene in years.


01. Majik's Theme 2005
02. Skinny Girls (Eat Some Food)
03. Just A Feelin' (feat. Celph Titled)
04. Deranged Barber
05. Stuck Up [Stick 'Em Remix] (feat. Celph Titled & Eternia)
06. Chicks Don't Mind (feat. Louis Logic)
07. Chum the Skrilla Guerilla [Skit]
08. Baldwin Brothers (feat. Celph Titled)
09. Nasty Toes
10. Florida Celebrities (feat. Jade Foxx)
11. Welcome To Hell [Skit]
12. Real Villains (feat. Celph Titled, Guttamouf & Lord Digga)
13. The Show With No Name Promo
14. Extra Thug Sauce [J-Zone Remix] (feat. Guttamouf & Celph Titled)
15. Ap's Intermission
16. All That
17. Who What When Where (feat. Celph Titled)
18. Stick 'Em [Onyx Grimee Mix]
19. Shit Is Real [Skit]
20. Pause Tape Champion Outro
21. Majik's Theme
22. Forget You
23. Mother Molesters (feat. Apathy, Louis Logic & Celph Titled)
24. Untitled Bonus Track
25. Majik's Theme 2005 [Instrumental]
26. Skinny Girls (Eat Some Food) [Instrumental]
27. Just A Feelin' [Instrumental]
28. Deranged Barber [Instrumental]
29. Stuck Up (Stick 'Em Remix) [Instrumental]
30. Chicks Don't Mind [Instrumental]
31. Baldwin Brothers [Instrumental]
32. Nasty Toes [Instrumental]
33. Florida Celebrities [Instrumental]
34. Real Villains [Instrumental]
35. The Show With No Name Promo [Instrumental]
36. Extra Thug Sauce (J-Zone Remix) [Instrumental]
37. All That [Instrumental]
38. Who What When Where [Instrumental]
39. Stick 'Em (Onyx Grimee Mix) [Instrumental]
40. Majik's Theme [Instrumental]
41. Forget You [Instrumental]
42. Mother Molesters [Instrumental]