[Digital Download] Majik Most - You Got Jokes?! (Deluxe Edition) - DGZ-027

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** SPECIAL DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION: Includes full instrumentals for the entire album! **

(Released 2007) The ingenious rapscallion of hip hop and long time Demigodz affiliate, Majik Most, is back to bombard and blitz the music community once again with his extraordinary new full length album: "You Got Jokes?!". The album successfully delivers just the right amount of lyrical wit, word play and hilarious punchlines needed to bring not just the skill, but most importantly, the fun, back to hip hop. Already heralded as a "masterwork of creativity, imagination, and skill", "You Got Jokes?!" features beats and rhymes from Celph Titled, Apathy, J-Zone, Louis Logic, DJ Cheapshot, Dutchmassive, Laws, PFM, Tzarizm and many more!


01. What I'm About
02. Hearin' Voices
03. Ashy Elbows
04. Bananas (feat. Laws)
05. The Tonight Show
06. Father Son Picnic [Skit] (feat. Louis Logic)
07. Back On The Map (feat. Celph Titled & Dutchmassive)
08. Nature Boy (Abusin' Animals)
09. Get In My Van
10. Barbeque Sauce
11. 45 King Interlude (feat. J-Zone)
12. Nothin' But Trouble
13. Wake Up (To Reality)
14. The Majik Most Institute [Skit]
15. Dis-Abilities
16. Cleaning Lady Love
17. The Last Laugh (feat. Celph Titled)
18. Extravaganza Intro
19. Everyone's a Critic [Remix] (feat. Laws)
20. Dolphin Trainer [Skit]
21. Gag Reel
22. What I'm About [Instrumental]
23. Hearin' Voices [Instrumental]
24. Ashy Elbows [Instrumental]
25. Bananas [Instrumental]
26. The Tonight Show [Instrumental]
27. Father Son Picnic (Skit) [Instrumental]
28. Back On The Map [Instrumental]
29. Nature Boy (Abusin' Animals) [Instrumental]
30. Get In My Van [Instrumental]
31. Barbeque Sauce [Instrumental]
32. 45 King Interlude [Instrumental]
33. Nothin' But Trouble [Instrumental]
34. Wake Up (To Reality) [Instrumental]
35. The Majik Most Institute (Skit) [Instrumental]
36. Dis-Abilities [Instrumental]
37. Cleaning Lady Love [Instrumental]
38. The Last Laugh [Instrumental]