Get Busy Committee - Uzi Does It CD


(Released 2009) As Apathy proudly states, "I used to love Eazy-E, BBD, BDP / So I mixed it all up, what you get? GBC." GBC (Get Busy Committee) is a group comprised of Apathy, Ryu (of Styles of Beyond/Fort Minor) and Scoop Deville. This project pushes boundaries and is not your typical underground hip-hop album. It fuses all kinds of genres together and delivers a sound that could compete with any of today's mainstream music without being a contrived "swag" festival. Consider this an experimental opus with a Demigodz twist = Koalas, uzis, payphones, and pagers. Production is handled by Apathy and Scoop Deville. Creative/Art Direction by Alex 2 Tone of TLFI and Born X Raised.


01. My Little Razorblade
02. Runnin Outta Dough (feat. Tashina Suzuki)
03. Stylish Clothes
04. Shoot Me Up
05. I Don't Care About You
06. Chillin Out Maxin
07. Uzi Does It (feat. Chevy Jones)
08. Say Whaaat
09. Looks Like Magic
10. No Time To Speak
11. Hurting Me So Much
12. Diamonds In Your Eyes
13. Baby Mama
14. Come Talk To Me