Wildcard - Change In Cabin Pressure CD


Limited CD in glossy slim cardboard sleeve (see photos)
Featuring Apathy, Slaine, Barz!, The Real Dead Poet, Novatore & Simple

Production by C-Lance, Stu Bangas, The Arcitype, Loud Obnoxious Beats, Simple & Smoke M206

Wildcard's brand new album, "Change in Cabin Pressure," is 16 tracks of hardcore hip-hop with a blues chaser. Widely known for his association with Apathy, Celph Titled and Dirty Version Records, this extremely skilled lyricist delivers a quality outing featuring some of your favorite elite MC's and producers.


01. Amen
02. Clockwork Red
03. Punchline City
04. The Great Convincer (feat. Slaine & Apathy)
05. Storyteller
06. Almost Famous (feat. Barz!)
07. Hourglass Diaries
08. Blacklist
09. The Light (feat. Slaine)
10. Mentors
11. Narcotic (feat. The Real Dead Poet & Novatore)
12. Pops
13. Guardian
14. Lay Down Laws [Tired of Running]
15. Ghost Town (feat. Simple)
16. March of Pain